The Blue Push

by m. geddes gengras

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'A dazed high-5 thrown between two dudes celebrating the good leaf & west coast living. MGG curls his dense smoke signals into hypnotized pythons the hue of purest sativa on ‘The Blue Push’. This uber focused A-side arrives at dawn after some heavy out-of-body wandering over a diverse nightscape. It’s breakfast time and AMS orders an indica off the menu, proceeding to side B with bong lit brightly. Seven hiccups and a big long belch. Wha’ happened? ‘The Red Kush’ might have something to do with it. Or maybe it was ‘The Blue Push’ we had earlier? Whew… what’s that you said? Pass the tape again? Have at it. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c46 tapes with double-sided color jcard.' - STUNNED

'Last year, M. Geddes Gengras, mainstay of the L.A. scene, released one of my favorite albums of the year with Smoke Blower, while A.M. Shiner's Bananarchy fell squarely among my favorite zone out numbers of the ever. Well go figure that the two would now converge, and doubly go figure that it happens on Stunned, which sniffed out the two dudes and is now laying them across each other in a hazy communion. Nice concept for sure, but who knew it would work out with magnificence of a wunderkind huh?

Opening the big bag of goodies is Gengras, who here opts for a less gritty take on his approach than Smoke Blower ventured into. This number's far more psyched out, a broken conglomerate of post-Mesozoic delirium whose thick chordal background has cartoon hallucinations veering in and out of it fast as your mind's eye can grab on. Like the tortoise and the hare combined into one. Slow and steady wins the race, but high MPH's are so exhilarating while they last. And why shouldn't we have both at the same time huh? What especially boggles my mind about this stuff is how many sources there are--it sounds like Gengras is hiding in Klaus Schulze's bag of tricks, only he's brought his own toys along for the ride too. Expansive stuff that goes nowhere and everywhere at exactly the same time. Stretch your mind out and let it sproing back in with simultaneous motions. Bet you can't do it, can you? Well Gengras can.' - EAR CONDITIONED NIGHTMARE


released December 1, 2009

recorded 2009 at green machines los angeles

originally released as a split CS with AM Shiner, Stunned 64

Art by Phil & Myste French



all rights reserved


m. geddes gengras East Los Angeles, California

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