by m. geddes gengras

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recorded in 2011 at GREEN MACHINES

'm. geddes gengras - purity c46 - jugular forest

m. geddes gengras from los angeles, ca is on a warpath. stepping it up
with an increasing output of recorded material, his recent live sets show an
artist keeping his performances dynamic and unique.
on purity, ged plays melodic sequences darker than his previous efforts.
slowly delayed with overwhelming bass, definitely took the whole 1/8th into some electronic hell.'

'Aside from kicking both Raffertie and Keith Fullerton Whitman 2012-syth-build dicks in the dirt, Purity closely reminds me of “I like my beat down low…”. Maybe just the lyric, th’oh. But when Side-B hits, so does that bass in your eye, blackening it to shreds. Shreds. And the outcome is miles away due to a strong build-up of flooding sounds and prismed electronics. Maximalism reflects Geddes’ true skill to properly insert madness. As a form of “okay” or “maybe,” I cannot base this “review” on good or bad, but upon a level of madness implemented throughout his work.

Toward the beginning, it’s all jood. Tiny rhythms, fluctuating melodies – yo, it’s pleasant. I’d say a level of 2/10 on the maddening scale. As it reels, things get warped. Not in the way of, “Fucking using a pedal again, man. You know these musici…” but more like using sound to bounce off itself and into your ears. 4/10. And you flip the tape, bass again, but it’s so much more. 6/10. Eventually, the sound moves past your ears and brain, straight to your soul. Right down to where it shreds you from the inside out. 8/10. And there you have it. Ged’s full climax into and through your body and existence. Don’t fight it, reel it.

-Clifford Morrissey http://esoterrorist.com'


released March 3, 2012



all rights reserved


m. geddes gengras East Los Angeles, California

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